Intecca is a collection of various tools designed for networking professionals and webmasters. Networking tools mostly provide Online Interface for various DNS utilities, for example dig and nslookup. Web Tools will help you to manipulate HTML tags, extract text from any webpage and more. My hope you will find them helpful in your daily activities.

The website is maintained by Art Kravchenko, a long-time networking professional and webmaster enthusiast who offers his expertise on the site to help the readers’ needs! He can be reached through LinkedIn here if you have questions about our tools or would like some suggestions for new ones that might interest him too.

Fair Usage

Do not perform automated lookups and queries. This is not what our tools were designed for. Web users are always welcome. Also, feel free to link to any of our query result pages. For example linking to
will land your visitor on a DNS A-record of domain cdc.gov as provided by public DNS server (Comodo Secure DNS). Feel free to experiment with linking to any queries.