Klein Tools Hammer Holster

Klein Tools Hammer Holster reviewed by intecca.com. Steel loop cradle helps stabilize hammer Ballistic poly strength and durability Riveted and stitched for extra durability Easily attachable to a tool belt for convenient access. Slotted to fit belts up to 2-1/2-Inches (64 mm) wide Meets the performance requirement of NFPA -701

Klein Tools Bottle

Klein Tools Bottle reviewed by intecca.com. High performance lubricant for general electrical and utility applications Temperature stable; does not liquefy and drop off after high temperatures Compatible with most types of cable jackets, including polyethylene and semi-conducting jackets . Rigid, chrome-plated, heat-treated, tempered-steel shank has full reinforcing bolster at handle for extra strength and for […]

Klein Tools Pouch Piel

Klein Tools Pouch Piel reviewed by intecca.com. Includes four large utility pockets, two pliers pockets, four screwdriver loops and a knife snap Slotted to fit belts up to 2-Inches (51 mm) wide Riveted to assure long life. Pockets for 7-Inch (178 mm), 8-Inch (203 mm) and 9-Inch (229 mm) side-cutting pliers, most screwdrivers, 6-foot (1.83 […]

Klein Tools Knife Blades

Klein Tools Knife Blades reviewed by intecca.com. Black, fine-edge drop-point blade is made of 440A stainless steel for superior edge retention and ease of sharpening Rugged black aluminum handle provides corrosion resistance Patented snap lock and sliding mechanism for quick blade changes Note: to replace blade, loosen captive screw, pull old blade straight from the […]

Klein Tools Anniversary

Klein Tools Anniversary reviewed by intecca.com. Thicker dipped handles are more comfortable and easier to grab with gloved hands Cuts ACSR, screws, nails and most hardened wire Induction hardened cutting knives for long life Built-in channel pulls steel fish tape without damaging the tape. Hot-riveted joint ensures smooth action and no handle wobble Interchangeable blade […]

Klein Tools J215 8cr Hybrid Pliers With Crimper

Klein Tools J215 8cr Hybrid Pliers With Crimper reviewed by intecca.com. 11 tools for the beginning apprentice Four screwdrivers feature Cushion-Grip handles for greater torque and less fatigue 6-32 and 8-32 screw shearing Wide knurled head easily grabs and twists wires. 6-32 and 8-32 bolt shearing Angled-Head Diagonal-Cutters feature short jaws and beveled cutting edges […]

Klein Tools 600 6

Klein Tools 600 6 reviewed by intecca.com. The MM300 multimeter measures AC/DC voltage, DC current and resistance and has a safety rating of CAT III 600V, Class 2, Double insulation The NCVT-1 has a bright green LED to indicate the tester is working; it changes to red and warning tones sound when voltage is detected […]

Klein Tools Wood Bits Set

Klein Tools Wood Bits Set reviewed by intecca.com. Multi-bit screwdriver includes 14 different screwdriver tips plus a 1/4-Inch nut driver Internal storage for screwdriver bits High-visibility silver targets for primary hole sizes Blast finish bit tips provide a firm hold and reduce cam out. Contains: 3/16-Inch (5 mm) and 1/4-Inch (6 mm) slotted, #1 and […]

Klein Tools Driver Bit

Klein Tools Driver Bit reviewed by intecca.com. Electronics Screwdriver with four different non-magnetic tips in one tool, includes #0 and #00 Phillips plus 1/8-Inch (3.2 mm) and 3/32-Inch (2.4 mm) Slotted tips Rotating cap for optimum and precise control Interchangeable blade for fast and easy switch out; comfortable Cushion-Grip handle Cushion-Grip handle provide greater torque […]

Klein Tools Nylon

Klein Tools Nylon reviewed by intecca.com. Holds most tape measures with belt clips Rust-resistant metal clip riveted for strength Slip-resistant housing geometry improves winding power and reduces binding Weight: 0.24-Pound. Klein Offers A lifetime warranty on material Defects And workmanship for the Normal life of the product. Slip-resistant housing geometry improves winding power and reduces […]

Klein Tools Razor Knife

Klein Tools Razor Knife reviewed by intecca.com. Utility knife incorporates a wire-stripping notch Blade auto-retracts fully into housing when slider is released Replaceable blade is held securely by a captive screw Heavy duty durable construction and sturdy aluminum handle with fold-out blade housing. Rubber grips on handle for improved control and comfort Handle is textured […]

Klein Tools 5278n 22d Full Floating Body Belt 3

Klein Tools 5278n 22d Full Floating Body Belt 3 reviewed by intecca.com. 12-ounce, firm-hand cotton duck Adjustable-length nylon belt with quick-release buckle Crimps 24 gauge steel and 28 gauge stainless steel One pencil pocket. One small pocket Angled-Head Diagonal-Cutters feature short jaws and beveled cutting edges for close cutting of wire Non-metal buckle

Klein Tools 627 20

Klein Tools 627 20 reviewed by intecca.com. Replacement Tap for Klein Tools Triple Tap and Six In One Models 625-32, 627-20, 623-32 and 626 Tap Sizes 10-32, 8-32, 6-32 Six clearly marked thread sizes on one tool. Six common tap sizes (6-32, 8-32, 10-32, 10-24, 12-24, 1/4-20) Includes 6-32, 8-32 and 1-24 tap sizes

Klein Tools Vdv500 060

Klein Tools Vdv500 060 reviewed by intecca.com. Kit includes: 1 Scout Pro 2 Tester, 1 self-storing remote, 5 LanMap RJ45 Location Remotes, 5 CoaxMap F-connector Location Remotes, 1 coax barrel F adapter, manual and 9V battery Includes voltage warning, shield detection, auto power off, low battery indicator and a self-storing remote Work light for use […]

Klein Tools 635 6

Klein Tools 635 6 reviewed by intecca.com. General-purpose selection of the most frequently used nut drivers 6-Inch (152 mm) full hollow shaft facilitates work on long bolt applications Securely and easily release the blade with a quick twist of the lock collar Rare Earth magnetic tip holds nut in place while fastening. Heavy duty handles […]

Klein Tools Arbor With Adapter

Klein Tools Arbor With Adapter reviewed by intecca.com. Klein Tools Adapter for NRHD Bore through wood 2x4s in a single pass 118 degree split point pilot bits. Steel construction for long life Precision machined stripping holes easily remove insulation without damaging the wire Spring coil (7/16-Inch, 9/16-Inch) holds nuts and bolts in place without the […]

Klein Tools Magnetic Hanger

Klein Tools Magnetic Hanger reviewed by intecca.com. Quickly route cables in enclosed spaces, through wall, floor and ceiling voids Innovative leader-pull design can navigate many obstructions Clips directly onto the back of the meter with no strap Has a secure Velcro loop & hook. Hanger allows the user to safely work hands-free For use with […]

Morral Klein Tools

Morral Klein Tools reviewed by intecca.com. Large zipper pocket to secure small parts and tools 40 pockets for maximum tool storage Made of water resistant 1680d ballistic weave material for durability Taller bag and interior pockets allow for long screwdrivers. Fully molded bottom protects from the elements Meets the performance requirement of NFPA -701 Includes […]

Klein Tools Ratcheting Crimper Kit W/dies

Klein Tools Ratcheting Crimper Kit W/dies reviewed by intecca.com. Multi-purpose tool saves time and lessens the tool count Strips 10-14 AWG solid and 12-16 stranded wire Tapered nose design for working in confined spaces Built-in ratchet ensures full-cycle crimping for a uniform crimp every time. Unique cavity design provides consistent crimp from either side of […]

Klein Tools Ratchet Cutter

Klein Tools Ratchet Cutter reviewed by intecca.com. Wire Stripper and Cutter cuts and strips 8-20 AWG solid and 10-22 AWG stranded wire with ease Compound action stripping: grip and strip via single-action squeezing motion Cuts up to 600 MCM Copper and 750 MCM Aluminum Crimps and trims Klein Tools RJ45 Pass-Thru Connectors. Crimps 4, 6 […]

Klein Tools Ir

Klein Tools Ir reviewed by intecca.com. Voltage Tester provides non-contqact detection of voltage in cables, cords, circuit breakers, lighting fixtures, switches, outlets and wires Volt Pen with high intensity, bright green LED that indicates the tester is operational and aids in illuminating the workplace Detects AC voltage from 12 to 1000V with visual and audible […]

Klein Tools 6 In 1

Klein Tools 6 In 1 reviewed by intecca.com. Integrated screwdriver and nut driver shaft holds 8 popular tips and converts to 3 nut driver sizes Includes industrial strength heat treated bits: 3/8-Inch, 5/16-Inch and 1/4-Inch nut drivers, #1 and #2 Phillips, 1/4-Inch and 3/16-Inch slotted, T10 and T15 TORX, and #1 and #2 square recess […]

Klein Tools 93lcls

Klein Tools 93lcls reviewed by intecca.com. Projects bright crossing horizontal and vertical Lines. Laser Beam Color: Red over molded housing and IP54 Water/debris resistance Integrated magnetic 360-Degree mounting bracket with 1/4-Inch and 5/8-Inch tripod mounting threads Integrated magnetic 360-degree mounting bracket with 1/4-Inch and 5/8-Inch tripod mounting threads. Additional mounting clamp attachment for use on […]

Klein Tools 31900

Klein Tools 31900 reviewed by intecca.com. {You Will Get}: – 1*6-3/8 Inches Hole Saw With Arbor, 2*1/4 Inch Pilot Drill Bits, 1*Hex Wrench {High Performance Material}: – Made of M42 High Speed Steel & Bi-Metal for heavy dusty capability with rust-proof, higher hardness, higher toughness and stronger wear resistance Able to cut through abrasive materials […]

Klein Tools Fishing

Klein Tools Fishing reviewed by intecca.com. Multi-groove fiberglass fish tape has a strong core for better pushing power while the grooves provide less surface area for smoother tape feeding Case design decreases payout effort and friction by optimizing the tape payout angle Shoulder strap adjusts for easy carrying High strength spring steel fish tapes are […]