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Phone Line Patch Panel

Phone Line Patch Panel reviewed by intecca.com. 4 WAY ETHERNET SPLICE: Distributes 4 incoming phone, fax or modem lines to 6 rooms. SECURITY PANEL: Our phone punch down block has RJ31X port for security system priority. (12) modular RJ-45 jack outputs 2 Year limited warranty.

4 Gauge Distribution Block - Telephone Junction Box - Telephone Punch... 4 WAY ETHERNET SPLICE: Distributes 4 incoming phone, fax or modem lines to 6 rooms. SECURITY PANEL: Our phone punch down block has RJ31X port for security system priority. EXCEEDS TIA/ CAT5E STANDARDS: A high quality, expandable phone hub for larger installations. MOUNTS IN FAST HOME HUB: Fits in Fasthome or similar enclosure. Also works as a standalone unit!. DIMENSIONS: Steren's CAT 5 splitter 4 way is 6 1/2˝ (W) x 2 7/8˝ (H) x 1˝ (D).

Leviton 476TL-T12 Telephone Input Distribution Panel, Black Housing Offers essential telephone distribution. (1) 4-pair 110 type IDC input. (12) modular RJ-45 jack outputs. (4) RJ-11 jack inputs for use with CATV MSO triple play modems. Includes a security jack with tethered cut-through plug, ADO and Test Jacks.

Leviton 47689-B 1x9 Bridged Telephone Module (with bracket) Fits easily into any Leviton Structured Media enclosure. Allows up to nine separate telephones per line. Available as an expansion board for any Leviton Pre-Configured Structured Cabling Panel, or as a stand-alone module on an ABS. 2 Year limited warranty. Consolidated distribution module for incoming services.

Leviton 47609-EMP Telephone Patching Expansion Board Use with category 5e voice and data board and/or telephone line distribution board. Fits easily into any Leviton structured media enclosure. 4-Line bridged module with patching via modular plug, not 110 IDC punch down. 2 Year limited warranty. Compact Series Panels are ideal for multi-dwelling units and apartments or any place where space and budgets are of great concern.

Leviton 47603-TDM Telephone Line Distribution Board Fits easily into any Leviton Structured Media enclosure using a Leviton bracket (sold separately), or can be used as a stand-alone unit. 10 multi-line telephone connections in combinations of two or four lines. Bridge "line 1" service to 12 locations and 4-line service to 8 locations. Independent RJ45 connector and punch down security interface to accommodate alarm systems. Connect to CAT 5e board or additional panels for more connections and easier adds/moves/changes.

1 X Telephone RJ11 6P4C to RJ45 8P8C,RJ45 to RJ11,Network to... Product Name: RJ11 to RJ45 Cable/RJ45 to RJ11 adapter. Connector Type: RJ11 6P4C to RJ45 8P8C. Cable Length: 1.7m/67"; Weight: 24g. Package Content: 1 x RJ11 to RJ45 Cable. help Runs telephone over Ethernet lines.

XBLUE X25 System Bundle with (4) X4040 Vivid Color Display IP Phones... Business Phone System with up to 25 Phones & 16 Phone Line Capacity - Includes Auto Attendant, Voicemail for Every User, Call Forward to Cell Phones, Intercom, Paging & Remote Phones. The X4040 IP phones included in the system bundle has all of the most commonly used features pre-programmed on the phone. In addition, (16) Programmable Buttons may be used for Outside Phone Lines, One-Touch Access to Other Phones, System Features or Speed Dial. X4040 IP phones can be located off-site (home office, remote office) and operate exactly the same as system phones located at the main office. XBLUE's innovative "Do-It-Yourself" design makes it very easy to self-install which saves you money by eliminating expensive professional installation and programming fees.

CHEROKEE Women's Iflex V-Neck Knit Panel Top, Black, Large Women V-Neck. Short Sleeve Top. Front Princess Seams, Front Shoulder Yoke. Back Length: 26". Patch Pockets, Accessory Pocket.

Cable Matters UL Listed Rackmount or Wall Mount 24 Port Patch Panel... Heavy duty 24 port patch panel supports Ethernet, made for Cat 6 cabling, but backwards compatible with Cat 5e and Cat 5 cabling. Future-proof your network connection for 10-Gigabit Ethernet with this durable RJ45 patch panel. Install this Ethernet patch panel effortlessly in universal 19" racks, cabinets, or wall mount brackets with 1U (1.75") standard height. Gold plated contacts ensure a correction free connection. Numbered ports and color-coded T568A and T568B wiring diagram give quick reference. Network patch panel complies with the UL fire safety requirement (E486099). Use included D-rings and cable ties for easy cable management.

Honbay 2 Pack Telephone RJ11 6P4C to RJ45 8P8C Connector Plug Cable... RJ11 to RJ45 Telephone Wire;check our images carefuly for better matching with your ports. Cable Length: 1.8m/0.7";Color: White. Come in 2 Pack of RJ11 TO RJ45 telephone lines. RJ11 6P4C to RJ45 8P8C Conector;One end is RJ11 6P4C port;An other end is RJ45 8P8C. This cable could not magically convert ADSL to ethernet, please notice that the wire is under the center 4pin for 8P8C port.

Tripp Lite in-Line Surge Protector Power Strip for Network and Phone... POWERFUL NETWORK AND PHONE LINES: Surge suppressor is designed to protect data and communications equipment against AC transients caused by lightning, electrostatic discharge and ground surges that can enter equipment from the signal lines or chassis ground. TELEPHONE/ETHERNET LINE SURGE PROTECTION: The DTEL2 features RJ45/RJ11 plugs for modems, telephone lines and answering or fax machines. DATALINE SURGE PROTECTION: It protects up to 2 network or phone lines, modems, fax machines and answering machines against damage from lightning, electrostatic discharge and ground surges. Comes with RJ11 telephone patch cable. COMPREHENSIVE PROTECTION: Protects against the effects of electrostatic discharge, faulty wiring and lightning. LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY: This In-Line Surge Protector offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Consolidated distribution module for incoming services Fits easily into Leviton Structured Media Panels Phone Line Patch Panel