Delphi Crimp Tool

How do you crimp a terminal in Delphi?

In the past, I’ve used two tools to crimp Delphi terminals. The first was a hand crimper (which looks like pliers). You squeeze it and clamp down the terminal by squeezing the handles together. It works but you need a lot of force to use this thing and sometimes it’s not easy to get the terminal clamped correctly, and I had a lot of loose terminals that didn’t make good contact.

The second tool is similar to the first but instead of squeezing it together by hand you place this crimper on your bench vise and squeeze the handles using the vise. This one works better than the first one because you can use more force pressing down on the vise to get a good crimp, but it’s still not easy and again I had some SOTs that weren’t clamped down tight enough causing poor contact.

Today I found a third tool for crimping Delphi terminals. This one is called an automatic crimper. It looks like an old fashioned hand drill with a couple of handles and the end cap removed from the chuck (the part where you place your drill bit). You center your terminal in top of the hole at the end of this tool and put a 1/16″ drill bit into the chuck and squeeze down on both handles which causes it to spin while squeezing down on the terminal at same time. It sandwiches the base of your terminal between two jaws and when you release the handles the jaws clamp down on your terminal and crimp it. The hard part is finding one of these automatic crimping tools but I was able to locate one at a local electronics store for only $15 (I think they are more expensive online).

So what’s best? Automatic or manual? After using all three methods I would say that an automatic crimper like the one above is by far the easiest to use and produces better results than both hand tools. Of course you can’t use an automatic crimper on larger terminals (like 12AWG and larger), but for the smaller Delphi terminals it works very well. I don’t know how well it would work with SAE connectors, as they are bigger than Delphi connectors. An automatic crimper might also damage a terminal if you put too much force into it causing the jaws to clamp down hard on your terminal; this might damage the insulation at the wire/pin interface or even break the pin off inside of the connector. So keep that in mind when using one of these tools…they are not as forgiving as a hand tool is; you have to be careful how much pressure you apply so you don’t crush/damage something .

Delphi Open Barrel Crimper

The Delphi crimper is a “best of both worlds” semi-pro level crimp tool. It has many features that are usually found only on much more expensive bench crimpers, including a ratchet-like output motion, twin drive gears, and an adjustable jaw set (the distance from the jaws to the actual die). Crimp Port Ratcheting Mechanism. One thing I really like about the Delphi is its way of doing things: rather than using just one or two hinges, it uses five separate hinged plates! This allows for a completely flexible control over how you approach any given cylinder.

a) For example, say there was some misalignment problem when inserting a piston into your grip frame. With a hinged baseplate, you would have to hinge the entire unit close to 90-degrees in order to correct the issue. The Delphi’s individual baseplates mean that you can hinge each piece individually, and independently of others!

b) Alternatively, maybe you just want to slip your o-ring over three “stops”. No problem! The two output plates (the ones with holes) can be bent up flat against the cylinder, letting the piston head push directly forward on its own while maintaining a good seal!

Here is another great feature: every notch in the jaw slides out. This allows for a more gradual ramping into position, rather than that awkward snap-to when doing it all at once. Well done Delphi!

Delphi 12085271 Crimp Tool

ISO 898-1 crimping tool designed to produce an ISO 898-1 6.3 mm ID, 7.4 mm OD pluggable terminal with strain relief and wire locking features. Crimps Delphi 15104047 quick connect terminals (formerly GM Delco) which are used in heavy duty applications such as those found in the automobile and truck industries.

This crimp tool allows the user to perform a complete terminal assembly operation using only one hand. The tool body is made of rugged cast steel and features a hardened jaw design for long life, strength, and dependability within demanding environments/operating conditions encountered on modern production lines where cycles rates are high and terminal availability must be maximized. This design also generates a controlled crimp force through the die.

The Delphi 12085271 crimp tool is ideal for both single and multi-station applications and can be used on a variety of terminal styles. It is supplied complete with two sets of dies, one each for terminals with solid wire leads (15104039, 15104052) and those with stranded wire leads (15104010). In addition, it includes one set of jaws optimized for cable diameters up to 0.33″ (8.4mm), as well as a second set of jaws useful when working on larger cables or other applications requiring increased jaw opening size. The Delphi 12085271 crimp tool features an ergonomic handle that reduces operator fatigue.

This crimp tool is used to install Delphi 15104047 terminals into pre-assembled terminal assemblies (wire leads are soldered onto the terminals prior to crimping). The wire lead usage on this terminal style is as follows: 2 conductor, a stranded 22 gauge wire for the positive lead and a stranded 20 gauge wire for the negative lead; 3 conductor, two stranded 16 gauge wires for the positive and negative leads and one solid 18 gauge wire for an auxiliary function such as parking lights or power window; 4 conductor, three stranded 14 gauge wires for the positive, negative and signal leads. Product supplied complete with two sets of dies: one 033″ opening size (for use only on cable diameters up to 0.33″ or 8.4mm) and the second for larger cable sizes or other applications requiring increased jaw opening size. Specify product number 12085271-2 when ordering.

Snap-on Weather Pack Crimper

Option 1: Snap-on makes a weather pack crimper that is designed to do the job with minimal fuss. The problem is, it’s expensive ($105 on Amazon), and there are better options available for cheap (Options 2 & 3). If you want an easy way to get the job done easily though, this will get you there.

This tool has a locking mechanism which ensures that once the jaws close around the wire boot of your connector, they don’t open up until you release them manually. The biggest downside I can see is how bulky and obtrusive this device is when compared to other options such as Option 2 below…but that is also part of why it works so well. This isn’t quite worth the money unless you need to crimp weather-pack connectors very quickly and accurately.

Option 2: Take Apart & Rebuild Your Own Crimper. One of the best DIY solutions is simply taking apart your existing crimping tool and installing this one piece (the housing) into it…basically rebuilding it yourself with parts from Home Depot or Lowes. It’s not necessarily that hard, but doesn’t come without risks either. If you’re comfortable doing simple electrical work and don’t mind spending some time on an afternoon working, then go for it! Just be careful when cutting into your crimper such that you don’t damage the blade or other parts of the tool. The reason I recommend doing this with a Deltron model (Option 2) is because it leaves you with such a small amount of work to do, there’s not really much room for error either. However, if you’d prefer to stay safer and buy a pre-made crimper on Amazon (Option 3), then go that route instead!

This Option isn’t ideal for many people…but it’ll get the job done in most cases without breaking the bank. ($17 – $20 on Amazon.) It actually looks like pretty decent quality at first glance too, even though I can’t say for sure since I haven’t used one yet myself. My recommendation? If this is your first time, go with Option 2 (rebuild your own). There’s no reason for you to buy a whole new tool just to add one piece! Unless of course you enjoy the project enough that you decide to make it a DIY hobby. If not though, you can get yours here: Crimp-On Weather Pack Connector ($17 on Amazon)

Option 3: The EZ-Crimp Tools. These are my favorite “off-the-shelf” solutions available. They’re easy to use and even easier to find at most stores such as Lowes or Home Depot. You can also usually purchase them online at places like Amazon for about $10-$20 depending on the model.

Bestseller No. 1
IWISS Weather Pack Crimper Tools for Delphi APTIV Packard Weather Pack Terminals Metri-Pack Connectors for Sealed Terminals
  • Get professional terminal crimps, for an economical price. Thin profile allows access to hard to reach areas.
  • IWISS made with high quality and calibrated before shipment.
  • Crimp tool works for AWG 24-14 Gauge Delphi APTIV Weather-pack or Metri-Pack terminals or connectors. Easily crimps 14-22 gage open barrel Weather Pack and 150 and 280 Series Metri Pack terminals and seals in two operations.
  • WeatherPack male terminals, female terminals and cable seals are secured into connector bodies with a hinge lock assembly. Used for automotive & truck aftermarket.
  • Has three wire crimping and two seal crimping positions. Ideal for Weather-Pack, Metri-Pack 150 Sealed, Metri-Pack 150 Unsealed, Metri-Pack 280 Sealed, Metri-Pack 280 Unsealed.
Bestseller No. 2
IWISS Non Insulated Open Barrel Terminal Crimp Tool - Wire Crimper for Molex, Delphi, AMP/Tyco, Harley, PC/Computer, Automotive 24-14 AWG
  • Wire crimping range: AWG24-14 (0.2-2.0mm^2).
  • Five cavities perform "B" type conductor for open barrel non insulated terminals.
  • Equivalent to Delphi/Packard 12085271 and/or SPX Kent Moore J-38125-7 crimping tools.
  • Comfortable rubber handle grips make it easy to use and easy to clean up.
  • For OEM, Molex, Delphi, AMP/Tyco, Harley, PC/Computer, Automotive non-insulated terminals and stamped contacts from Deutsch.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Delphi Weather Pack Pro Kit WP-1505 With 2 Crimp Tools: Sealed Weatherproof Automotive Electrical Connectors 20-12 Gauge 1505 Piece Kit With 12014254 and T-18 Crimp Tools
  • Includes 1505 pieces genuine Delphi Weather Pack electrical components - great value per piece!
  • Includes 12014254(20-14 AWG) and T-18(22-12 AWG) Crimp Tools
  • 1-6 way environmentally sealed male and female housing; 22 way bulkhead kit
  • 20-18, 16-14, and 12 AWG crimp terminals and triple ribbed silicone cable seals for superior sealing
  • See-thru top, hinged lid carrying case travels well for field repairs, part ID label included inside
Bestseller No. 4
TGR Delphi Weather Pack Connector Terminal Ratcheting Crimping Tool- Includes 2 Dies
  • Works with 22-12 AWG (0.35-3.0 mm²) wire.
  • This die set allows you to make a professional crimp without the high cost.
  • Two dies included for different gauge wire. They can be easily switched off and on. Includes tool to remove terminals from housings
  • Crimps the seal & terminal in one operation
  • Aluminum body
Bestseller No. 5
TFCFL 1 pcs Molex Style Delphi/Packard Crimp Tool Wiring Harness Crimping Crimper Open Barrel 22-10 AWG
  • This is an open barrel Molex-style crimping tool that works with 14-24 AWG terminals found in many automotive sealed harness connectors.
  • Replacement/equivalent to Delphi/Packard 12085271 and SPX Kent Moore J-38125-7 crimping tools.
  • 4mm thick crimping jaws allow you to separately/individually crimp the insulated and non-insulated part of the wire to the terminal.
  • 5 different sized crimps in a single tool. Maximum range (conductor crimps):18-8 AWG Maximum range (insulation crimps):22-10 AWG
  • Comfortable rubber handle grips, removable for cleaning if get greasy/dirty. Double-hinge mechanism keeps the jaws parallel for a straight crimping engagement.
Bestseller No. 6
Weather Pack Crimpers, Newdeli Crimp tool AWG 14-24 for Crimping Delphi APTIV Weather Pack Terminals or Metri-Pack Connectors( Have Locator & Removal Extraction Tool)
  • {Wide Application} Weather Pack Crimp Tool features 3 crimp zones clearly marked with wire gauges(AWG 24-14), 3 different crimps zones for the most common size automotive wires.
  • {Crimping Range} Crimp tool is suitable for Crimping Delphi Weather-pack or Metri-Pack terminals or connectors.
  • {Design} Orientation Block can fix terminals, prevent terminal rocking. comfortable to hold and sturdy. A much more secure crimp than standard insulated crimp terminals.
  • {High Quality} Newdeli professionally insulated wire terminals connectors ratcheting crimper the material is treated with black oxidation, rust, and corrosion resistance.
  • {Customer Service} Newdeli provides you with professional crimping tools, If there are ever any issues. We will serve you wholeheartedly, Be assured that this product will live up to your expectations.
Bestseller No. 7
IWISS SN-28B Crimping Tool for AWG28-18 Dupont Pins
  • Crimping capacity : 0.1-1.0m㎡, AWG 28-18. For 2.54mm 3.96mm KF2510 connector
  • Dimensions : AWG28-18 Length : 190mm, Weight : 0.35kg. Note : Before use, please make sure that wire size meets the standard
  • Open Barrel Terminals : The open barrel crimp tool is designed to crimp non-insulated, open barrel terminals, also known as OEM terminals. Wire-electrode cutting die sets promise a high-precision crimping result
  • Compatible : Work with molex part 43030-0006 terminal connector
  • Suitable : Good for ATX, EPS, PCIE and SATA power pins
Bestseller No. 8
Delphi WeatherPack Connector Kit WP-1104 With T-18: Sealed Weatherproof Automotive Electrical Connectors 20-12 Gauge 1104 Piece Kit With Crimp Tool
  • Includes 1104 pieces genuine Delphi Weather Pack electrical components - great value per piece!
  • Male and female housings from 1-6 way isolate connections to prevent cross wiring and shorts
  • 20-18, 16-14, and 12 AWG crimp terminals and triple ribbed silicone cable seals for superior sealing
  • Includes T-18 non-ratcheting crimp tool
  • See-thru top, hinged lid carrying case travels well for field repairs, part ID label included inside
Bestseller No. 9
Hilitchi Professional Crimper Tools Wiring Harness Crimping Set for Delphi Packard Weather Pack Terminals and Metri-Pack Connectors with Electrical Wiring Crimp Connectors Auto Terminals Pin Extractor
  • ✅PROFESSIONAL & QUALITY terminal crimps, made of high carbon steel, strong built and sturdy, well constructed; all well made auto-release mechanism ensure a full crimp without any looseness.
  • ✅Ratcheting orange crimp tool works for Awg 24-14, easy and fast crimping tool for weather pack & metri-pack connectors, waterproof cable seals. WeatherPack male terminals, female terminals and cable seals are secured into connector bodies with a hinge lock assembly.
  • ✅Blue crimper comes with pin extractor pliers. Crimper for 22-14 Gauge Delphi Metri-Pack 150, 280 & Weather-Pack Terminals. For weatherpack male terminals, female terminals and cable seals are secured into connector bodies with a hinge lock assembly.
  • ✅CONNECTOR EXTRACTOR: Made of steel spring plate with pvc coated for easy grip. Flexible and durable. Easy to use, no need to pry open the terminals, just push and pull the terminal pins, easy to take out the wire. It can remove a wire intact from a donor harness and add a new wire. The tool kit is a universal tool suitable for most connector terminal, it can be used for almost all brands of cars and other electronic devices.
  • ✅[QUALITY AFTER-SALE SERVICE] If you do not satisfy with our products or if you have any questions, please come to us. We would work out satisfactory solution to all your problems. 12 hours quick response. FREE REPLACEMENT or REFUND within 90days.
Bestseller No. 10
Weather Pack Crimper Tools Wiring Harness Crimping Set for Delphi Packard Weather Pack Terminals or Metri-Pack Connectors
  • High Quality: The crimping tool is constructed by High-carbon Steel with black oxidation treatment on the surface form a dense layer of oxide film which is anti corrosion and rust.
  • Professional Wire Rope Crimping Tool: Offers 5 different sized crimps in a tool, double-hinge mechanism that keeps the jaws parallel for a straight crimping engagement. Crimp tool works with 24-14 awg(0.35-2mm²) terminals for Delphi Weather-pack or Metri-Pack terminals or connectors.
  • Easy To Use: WeatherPack male terminals, female terminals and cable seals are secured into connector bodies with a hinge lock assembly. The tools set is a common tools which can be used for most cars, motorcycles, household appliances.
  • Ergonomic Comfortable Handles Design: With nylon material and the leverage theorem, the ergonomic, cushioned, non-slippery handles for a more comfortable and saving labor work.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee: If you have any issues with the Weather Pack Crimper Tools, simply contact customer service for troubleshooting help, parts, replacement, or refund. Our aim is to make you satisfy the parts and the service we provide for you.