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Continent North America
Country United States
Region/State California
City San Diego
ZIP/Postal 92105

IP Ownership Information

Output Generated 06/20/2021 13:40:10 UTC

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About Check IP Address Online Tool

Use this tool to view the query all publicly known information about a given internet address. Enter your IP address and click Submit button. The server will go out and fetch the WHOIS information on the requested domain as well as it will try to determine the continent, country, city and postal code of geographical location of the given address.

IP Check Output Contains

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Why do I need to Check IP address Online?

Very often reason number one is pure curiosity. For example, you notice a funny looking IP address on your screen and would like to know where it is located and who it belongs to. When you check this IP address onlne using our tool you will find out that this IP is located in San Diego, California, 92105 and it belongs to AT&T Services, Inc. Sometimes people would like to check thier visitor's IP address to find out what contry they come from. A word of caution: if someone's life depends on this, do not use this tool, as it may provide a "close enough", but not the exact data. But other than that - enjoy checking those IPs!