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About Online Nslookup Tool

Nslookup is a great tool to view DNS information on public hosts names or internet IP addresses using your web browser. Just enter your destination domain name or IP address, optionally choose DNS Server and optionally choose type of DNS lookup and click Submit. The system with perform nslookup with your parameters and display result.

Types of DNS Lookup

Varios DNS lookup types are discribed here : More information on DNS Resource Record Types is available here.

Why do I need Online DNS Lookup

Many companies use their own DNS services. If you company has internal DNS and external DNS services you may need to compare how your own DNS servers resolve queries from outside vs. how they are resolved from inside. In this case an external nslookup tool may come in very handy. Another example is companies sometimes block DNS queries of external servers and force all users to make DNS queries only using company's internal DNS infrastructure. This is also a good case for using an external DNS lookup tool. Some people are more used to working with web pages and web form and prefer not to use command prompt. Or a command prompt may be blocked on their computers. These are all good cases when Intecca online DNS tools can be useful.