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Online DNS Lookup Tool

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a hierarchical system of names and addresses that directs internet traffic to the correct destination. It's basically like a telephone book for the Internet. DNS lookup online tool can be used to find out which domain name server your computer is using, or if you're accessing an IP address directly. This information can help in diagnosing routing problems, and also in troubleshooting connectivity issues with remote computers and networks.

Good Use Cases for Looking Up DNS Online

Check DNS records for a specific domain: If you're a web developer, or just generally curious about how DNS works, then this can be a very useful way to look up the records for any domain name. It will show you all the different types of data that are associated with that domain, such as A (address), MX (mail exchange), NS (name server) and SOA (Start of Authority).

Resolve DNS Server Errors: If you're experiencing problems resolving a particular address or domain name, then this tool can help diagnose the problem. For example, if your computer can't connect to any website at all and an error message appears saying that the connection couldn't be found - it could mean there's something wrong with your DNS configuration.

Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues: This is particularly helpful when trying to establish remote connections such as with VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), SSH (Secure Shell) and FTP (File Transfer Protocol). You might need to know which public IP addresses are mapped in order for these services work properly over the Internet; many applications only require TCP/IP connectivity without regard for how packets find their way between two machines on the other side of the world.

Check your DNS Settings: Another common use for this tool is to simply verify that your computer is using the correct DNS settings. You can compare these against what your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or network administrator has provided, to make sure everything is configured correctly.

Test your connectivity to a specific website: If you're having trouble loading a particular website, you can use this tool to test whether your computer is able to reach it. This is helpful in troubleshooting problems like incorrect proxy settings or blocked websites.

How to Use the Online DNS Lookup Tool by intecca.com

Simply enter any domain name in the search box and click "Lookup DNS". Our system will fetch the DNS records for that domain and present them in a clear and concise format. You can then use this information to troubleshoot problems with your computer's connectivity, or to verify your DNS settings. For example here is an output of DNS lookup for domain name tesla.com

What DNS Information can be Obtained with the Tool?

intecca.com is currently checking all DNS records, including:

Does Intecca Offer any other DNS or Webmaster tools?

Glad you asked! Intecca offers a variety of DNS and Webmaster tools to help you manage your website, trubleshoot issues or research DNS records of other sites. We offer online ping, nline dig, online nslookup tools and more. Here are a few tools we offer for free public use. We hope you will find thme useful to troubleshoot issue, grow your business or simply learn more about DNS.

FAQ about DNS lookup online

What is DNS Lookup?
A DNS lookup is the process of resolving a domain name to another resource record. For example, if you wanted to know about wikipedia.com, your computer would do a DNS lookup to convert the domain name "wikipedia.com" into an IP address like "".

How can I perform a DNS lookup?
There are a lot of online tools that allow you to do a DNS Lookup from them and many websites include links to these. One such tool is our page intecca.com, and there are many others.

Why is my DNS lookup slow?
There are a number of reasons why your DNS lookup may be slow. If you are not trying to resolve an address within your local network, it could be because the root servers are busy. It could also be that your ISP is having some problems or that there is congestion on their side of the network.

Do I need to run a DNS lookup before every single web request?
No, most operating systems will cache the results of DNS requests for a short while, meaning that requests made within the TTL (time-to-live) period will not require an additional lookup. However, if the DNS record changes before this period is reached, your system will have to redo the lookup.

What is a DNS zone? How can I view my DNS zone?
A DNS zone is the complete set of resource records of a single domain name. For example, "example.com" has an MX record at the top-level which tells mail servers where to send email, then at the next level down there may be NS records which point to mail exchanger servers for the domain.