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About Online Ping Tool

You can use online ping to quickly and effectively check network connectivity from internet to public hosts names or internet IP addresses using your web browser. Just enter your destination domain name or IP address, choose count and click Submit. The pings are sent one half of one second apart.

Content of Ping Output

Using Ping to Troubleshoot Connectivity

Bing is the mast basic and the most commonly used tool to determine if netowrk connectivity exists between a host on a network and your source. In our case case the source is Intecca server. This was when you ping form Intecca, you know you are pining from open internet, not form inside your local LAN, where your ping commands may be subject to filtering by proxy, firewall, etc. In addition to a simple yes/no connectivity replies you will also see the speed in milliseconds it took for a reound trip form INtecca server to your destination and back. Normally 1-10 milliseconds is considered very fast, 10-500 considered okay, espacially for Internet and WAN connections and anything higher that 500ms may become noticeable for the users.