Purple Monitor Stand for Desk

Purple Monitor Stand for Desk – The Purple monitor stand is adjustable which allows your to adjust the height up to 24 inches. The pivots allow you to rotate 360 degrees in a small area. You can work with both hands without moving your head or putting strain on neck and back. This design keeps your spine aligned in correct position while reducing eye fatigue, headaches and back pain. With this monitor stand desk, you will be able monitor at any angle that benefits you most while working at the desk.

Purple Monitor Stand
  • Add a little color to your work space!
  • Raises monitor height to eye level for better ergonomics
  • Keyboard stash clears up desk area, when not in use & adds extra storage space
  • Accommodates Monitors, Laptops, Printers, & Fax Machines
  • Fun, Sturdy & Made in the U.S.A!!!

Add some color to your workspace with a desk that’s perfectly tailored for you! This sleek and sturdy stand is customizable so it can accommodate just about any workstation, from printers to laptops. With extra space in the keyboard stash when not in use, this ergonomic desk has got everything covered: monitors up high enough for better eye level view all day long, laptop storage on both sides of the surface where they won’t be too easy to knock off if bumped into by another person or pet (it even accommodates an iPad!), even some space for home router! The fun purple color makes working more enjoyable while being made here at home means American jobs are supported as well – what could be cooler than that?