Remove HTML Tags Online Tool

You can use this tool to quickly remove any HTML, XML, or PHP markup from your text using a browser. It's great for people who want clean code without the hassle of manually removing it! To remove HTML and XML tags in less than a second, simply click on the button "Submit" below. You will then be provided with an accurate result of your content without any unwanted markup!

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What is HTML markup?

HTML tags are customized according to the site's design, and include <title>, <p>, and <body> tags. These HTML tags are used to give additional information about page content and can each be styled individually through CSS. The term "markup" is often used within programming communities as a verb; in this sense, it means "preparing or formatting something." This would usually entail adding code in order for a computer program (such as an html site) to function correctly. However oftentimes markup becomes unwanted ovehead. For example when you need to eextract pure text from your web pages or documents. This is where this tool can be helpful.