Sparks Plugs for 2011 Ford Explorer 3.5

Motorcraft SP-520 Spark Plug
  • Part number: SP-520
  • Package Weight: 0.005 kilograms
  • Package Dimensions: 2.54 L x 10.16 H x 2.54 W (centimeters)
  • Country of origin : China
Ignition Coil Pack Set of 6 - Compatible with Ford, Mercury, Mazda & Lincoln...
  • Replacement Ignition Coil Pack Set of 6 - The ignition coils or ignition coil plug provides spark for your engine. Over time the factory ignition coil packs can fail leading to poor gas mileage, hesitation, and a check engine light (CEL). Replace your faulty ignition coil and restore performance and driveability on your 6, Transit-250, Police Interceptor, Fusion, Flex or Edge
  • Compatible Replacement for Ford, Mazda, Lincoln & Mercury 3.5L & 3.7L V6 Vehicles w/o Ecoboost - 2007 - 2016 Edge | 2011 - 2017 Explorer | 2011 - 2017 F-150 | 2009 - 2016 Flex | 2010 - 2012 Fusion | 2011 - 2016 Mustang | 2008 - 2017 Taurus | 2008 - 2009 Taurus X | & more. The ignition coil packs can be easily located inside the engine bay usually plugged above the engine once the engine cover is removed. It is also advisable to replace the spark plugs at the same time.
  • Replaces Part# 7T4E-12A375-EE, 610-00119, CY0118100Z02, 7T4E-12A375-ED, 7T4E-12A375-EC, 7T4E-12A375-EB, 7T4E12A375EE, 7T4E12A375ED, 7T4E12A375EC, 7T4E12A375EB, C1595, DG520, DG-520, UF553, UF-553 commonly found on popular Explorer, Edge, Flex, Fusion, Mustang, Taurus models that has a 3.5L or 3.7L V6 engines including years 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17.
  • OEM Fit, Quality, Finish - While this is not a genuine OEM part, it is a direct replacement for your Transit-150, 250, 350, HD, Police Interceptor, F150 and it will appear, fit and work like the factory part. Save time and hundreds of dollars off of dealer prices by replacing the part yourself.
  • 2 years or 24,000 Mile Warranty - This ignition coil pack set of 6 comes complete with a 2 year or 24, 000 mile warranty whichever comes first. If the coil ever fails on your Edge, Explorer, Flex, Mustang within the warranty period, simply contact us for a replacement. Save time and money by taking advantage of this warranty.
E3 Spark Plug E3.74 Automotive Spark Plug, Pack of 1
  • DiamondFire electrode technology that creates a superior spark and resulting flame front extending further into the cylinder, producing more localized pressure
  • Significant potential power increase: > 6percent to 12percent (depending on engine class)
  • Significant potential fuel efficiency improvement: > 4percent to 13percent (depending on engine class)
  • Drastic potential emissions reduction when used in 2 and 4-stroke engines (after 50 hours): 58percent CO emissions reduction, 42percent hydrocarbon reduction
  • Near elimination of performance inhibiting carbon deposits, dramatically longer plug life and a 5-year/100,000 mile limited warranty
  • Diamond Fire electrode technology that creates a superior spark and resulting flame front extending further into the cylinder, producing more localized pressure
  • Significant potential power increase: > 6percent to 12percent (depending on engine class)
Motorcraft WR6135 Ignition Spark Plug Boot
  • Motorcraft WR6135 boot - Ignition
  • Quantity pack is 1 each.
ACDelco Gold 17 RAPIDFIRE Spark Plug (Pack of 1)
  • Solid state suppressor, with two-piece glass and brass seal, can help reduce radio frequency interference, regulates spark energy for long electrode life, and helps protect against high combustion pressures
  • Pure copper core provides great heat transfer and helps maximize plug durability
  • Platinum on center electrode enables superior spark characteristics and can reduce voltage requirements of the ignition system
  • Ribless insulator helps optimize plug to boot seal
  • Some ACDelco Gold parts may have formerly appeared as ACDelco Professional
  • Premium aftermarket replacement part
  • Manufactured to meet specifications for fit, form, and function for General Motors vehicles as well as most makes and models
AUTOSAVER88 Ignition Coil 6-Pack Compatible with Ford F150 Edge Flex Explorer...
  • COMPATIBILITY: A set of 6 ignition coils compatible with 2007-2016 Ford Edge, 2011-2017 Explorer, 2011-2014 F-150 3.7L, 2015 F150 3.5L, 2009-2016 Flex, 2010-2012 Fusion, 2011-2017 Ford Mustang, Ford Police Interceptor Sedan/Police Interceptor Utility/Taurus/Transit -150 250 350, Land Rover, Lincoln Continental/MKS/MKT/MKX/MKZ, Mazda 6/CX-9, and 2008-2009 Mercury Sable.
  • DIRECT REPLACEMENT: Easy to install. Each coil is designed for specialized performance application, low-emissions, high energy output. The plug boot contains high heat-resistant compound to help withstand heat and enhance product longevity.
  • OE STANDARD: All ignition coils are built to meet or exceed OE specifications, they are well-regarded in the industry for consistent performance and dependability.
  • NOTE: Please review your vehicle’s exact year, model and engine type carefully before ordering ignition coils.
  • MAINTENANCE: To prolong ignition coil lifespan, monitor the condition of your spark plug. An aged spark plug will overload and overwork the ignition coils, so keep your spark plug in good condition.
Needa 653096US M12-1.75 Oil Drain Plugs and Gasket for GM
  • OEM VERIFIED: All parts meet or exceed OEM standards
  • STRONG, STURDY, RELIABLE: Parts made of high-strength, corrosion-resistant materials
  • FOR GM AUTOMOBILES: Parts engineered for use in GM automotive fittings and applications
  • M12-1.75 METRIC COARSE THREAD: Fits an M12-1.75 coarse threaded socket or hole
QYL 6Pcs Ignition Coil Pack Replacement for Edge Flex Fusion Mustang Taurus /...
  • Please use enter your vehicle in your Amazon Garage above to see if this part is compatible with your vehicle
  • Reduces common ignition coil issues such as; no/hard start, long crank time, misfires, lack of power, inconsistent transmission shifts, spark plug fouling, premature catalytic converter failure, poor fuel economy, check engine light illumination
  • Our ignition coils are designed with proven materials, such as high quality wires and wire coating that resists the cracks, pin holes and imperfections that most often lead to failure issues. Each coil is design for specific application, low-emissions, and high energy output, and they will eliminate misfires and provide maximum voltage.
  • To keep longer use time of the ignition coils, please pay attention to the condition of sparks.The ignition coils need to work more frequently when work together with the aged spark,that will get the ignition coils become easy to overload and aged.
  • Replacement Part Number:7T4Z-12029-E, CY01-18-100A, UF-553, UF-595, 5C1652, E1053, E1095, 52-1888, IC633, 610-00119, 7T4Z12029E, 375EE, HPUF553, COP4, 6736013, DG520, UF553X, UF553, GN10237, C1595
Bosch 9616 Double Iridium OE Replacement Spark Plug, Up to 4X Longer Life (4 Pk)...
  • Double Iridium firing pin and ground electrode inlay provide 4X longer service life compared to standard copper plugs
  • 0.6mm fine wire firing pin provides superior ignitability and performance
  • 360 Degree continuous laser weld fuses corrosion resistant iridium firing pin to base for increased durability
  • 7 year performance satisfaction guarantee
  • Original equipment, pre-gapped replacement delivering optimum fit, form and function
  • 10 Buick Allure, 08,10-19 Buick Enclave, 10-16 Buick LaCrosse, 13-15 Cadillac ATS, 10-15 Cadillac CTS, 10-16 Cadillac SRX, 10-11 Cadillac STS, 13- Cadillac XTS, 10-15 Chevrolet Camaro, 12-17 Chevrolet Caprice
  • 12 Chevrolet Captiva Sport, 15-16 Chevrolet Colorado, 10-17 Chevrolet Equinox, 12-19 Chevrolet Impala, 14-16 Chevrolet Impala Limited, 11-12 Chevrolet Malibu, 10-19 Chevrolet Traverse, 95-00 Ford Contour
GOOACC 146PCS Nylon Bumper Shield Retainer & Double End Xmas Tree Retainers...
  • Shield Retainers , Replaces: for Honda # 90666-SA0-0030 ;Trim Panel Retainer,Replaces for GM #411700 1968-
  • Fender & Bumper Shield Retainer ,Replaces for GM: 1595864, 1605396; for Chrysler: 6030441; for Ford: 388577S, W705589-S300
  • Shield Retainer,Replaces for GM: 10121502; for Chrysler: 6033082, 6033840; for Ford: 390018-S for GM 1989-
  • Double End Xmas Tree Retainer,Marine & Automotive Trim Shops, For Auveco A20866
  • Trim Panel Retainer,Replaces for Ford: N807721-S Trim Panel Explorer 1993-, for Chrysler: 6504043 Trunk Lid Latch 1996-