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About Online WHOIS Lookup Tool

Use this tool to view the query all publicly known information about a given internet domain or a public IP address. Enter domain name or IP address and click Submit button. The intecca.com server will go out and fetch the WHOIS information on requested domain.

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Why do I need to know who owns Domain or IP address?

Sometimes you may see something in the logs that needs verification. For example if you see that your web server is often accessed from a certain IP address you can look it up on this page and find out if it belongs to a specific ISP, or a specific hosting service. For example this IP address belongs to a China Mobile Communications Corporation, so chances are someone accessed your website from a phone in China. In another example, this address belongs to Google LLC, so chances are your website is being crawled by Google (a good thing!) Another example, you can look up instagram.com and determine that it belongs to Instagram LLC, located in Menlo Park, CA 94025 with a tech support phone 650-543-4800. Give this a try, WHOIS lookup an interesting tool.